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Thread forming method of plastic bottle cap
click:Release date:2022/10/13
The threads on the plastic bottle cap can be divided into internal threads and external threads. Generally speaking, the internal threads are formed with a thread core, and the external threads are formed with an internal thread ring. Because of the particularity of the thread, the die structure of the thread part is also different, and the way of getting out of the thread is also different. Next, plastic bottle cap manufacturers will share the thread forming method of plastic bottle cap. Don't miss the following wonderful explanation!
For the internal thread of plastic bottle cap, if the structure allows, it can be designed as the internal thread of section. From the perspective of die structure, if space allows, inclined push rod can be used to pull the core to form segmented internal thread. For the complete internal thread on the plastic bottle cap, the main forming methods are:
(1) The forced demoulding method is adopted, but the structure of plastic parts is allowed, and the plastic with good elasticity is selected.
(2) The thread core is made into a movable insert and demoulded manually outside the mold. Although the die structure is simple, it has low production efficiency and high labor intensity, so it can not realize automatic operation.
(3) The rotary mechanism is adopted to automatically withdraw the line, which has high production efficiency and low labor intensity. It can realize automatic operation and is suitable for mass production.
Now you know the thread forming method of plastic bottle cap. I hope the plastic bottle cap manufacturer can help those friends who are in confusion. You can pay more attention to Anhui Hengzheng Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. we will have professionals to answer your questions and provide * products and perfect services!
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