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Salad oil bottle cap is different from other bottle caps
click:Release date:2022/10/13
When we go to the supermarket to buy Edible oil, because the oil is very heavy, we need to use the salad oil bottle cap as a handle. We found that salad oil bottle caps are made of plastic materials. Because such materials have their own characteristics, they can well meet people's use habits and give better play to their effects; However, compared with other bottle caps, there are still great differences in use. So what's the difference? Don't worry, Xiaobian, let's go slowly!
Compared with other bottle caps, the design level of salad oil bottle cap will be more * point. This design can largely meet the habits and practices of consumers. In addition, when using, we need to pay attention to the problem of continuous use above. It is not the kind of state that can be directly removed after one use, but can be used in other aspects, For example, it can be directly connected with the bottle, so that there will be no problems in use. Also, you can remove the cap: (1) first press the cap hard and rotate it; (2) If you can't press it, lift it upward and rotate it; (3) Neither of the above two works. You can use a lighter to test the bottle cap and the silk mouth of the bottle along the edge of the bottle cap, and then bake the bottle cap a little softer, which will be easier to open.

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