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Do you know the origin of the name of smart cover?
click:Release date:2022/10/13
"Smart guy"? Is there "not smart guy"? At first, I heard that laymen should have such doubts, right?
Do you know what smart guy is? Don't get me wrong. It's not a large cover like the manhole cover. Its mass and volume are relatively light. It's the plastic cover on the bucket of the water dispenser. Why is that plastic cover called smart cover?
This production process was first introduced from abroad. If the bucket is placed on the water dispenser, the smart cover will be automatically pushed open by the column of the water dispenser, so that we can drink clean and pollution-free water. If the water dispenser leaks, taking the bucket off the water dispenser can still ensure the function of sealing the water again, In other words, the smart cover has the function of self sealing water, but after the smart cover was introduced into China, the domestic production technology has improved it, and Anhui Haoyang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. knows that many factories use disposable smart covers when producing purified water because of the principle of safe drinking water, In this way, if the bucket is used twice, it can be seen by consumers at a glance!

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